This is V-Hack

We are an extremely passionate group of students who hack love algorithms loves computers loves VJC

Maximus Tan

Founder / Chairman

Also the Head of Programming Spec for VJrobotics

Hi! I'm the founder of V-Hack, a student-led interest group to promote computing in VJC as well as develop innovative solutions such as

I try my best to explain complex concepts in simple ways. Do look for me with any questions you may have and we can tackle them together!


Benn Tan

Co-Founder / Vice Chairman

Hello! I’m especially passionate about leadership and understanding the world around me. I’m taking part in this programme because given this COVID situation,

I feel that any possible way for us to support one another should be welcome and appreciated - and I think this platform is a great way to do precisely that!

Our competitions

We have participated and won in numerous computer-science related competitions.

14 June 19
23 Nov 19
19 Apr 20

Learning Resources for Beginners

Learning doesn't stop just because there's HBL! Refer to the slides below that are created by our very own V-Hack members! There are also intermediate materials for those more experienced.

Try dragging the slides to uncover more resources!